Living the dream as a Freelance Copywriter in Milton Keynes!

Hi!  My name is Alison and you will have gathered from the headline that I am a Freelance Copywriter in Milton Keynes.

I launched my business, MK Word Studio,  in September 2014; since then I have been quietly working hard at building my portfolio, expanding my knowledge and increasing my client base.  Things are going well and now is the time to start raising my profile!

What made me become a Copywriter?  Back in the ’80s, I started my working life as a PA in a large Legal Department.  I continued my career in a variety of PA and training roles before moving into my preferred career choice of Internal Communications in a large financial institution, where I was involved in communications initiatives and writing content for the intranet. After my children were born, I worked part-time as a proofreader for a market research company.

It was always my intention to go back into the corporate workplace, but sometimes life gets in the way of plans!  When my younger child started displaying symptoms of Autism, my life changed direction and, for a while, life was all about the ‘A’ word.  In 2013, having secured a diagnosis, Statement of Educational Needs and place in special school for my son, I was finally able to consider my career options.

I knew I wanted to work for myself and I needed to play to my strengths.  With my background in Internal Comms and proofreading, together with my natural ability to write; there was only one way to go.  I embarked on a Copywriting course and in 2014 started the process of becoming a self-employed writer!

A year on, I am in a good place!  I have worked on a number of projects for a diverse range of clients.  Continuing Professional Development is high on my agenda.  There are great resources out there for copywriters and there is so much to learn; my goal is to continue to grow every day.  Each new project brings new challenges, so CPD is very much a part of my daily work.

When you hire a freelancer, you want to know who you are working with. So my blog isn’t about selling my services; it’s just an opportunity to share my knowledge and experiences with you. You may want to hire me in the future or you may just enjoy reading my blog.

If you’re a small business owner or considering a career in copywriting yourself, I will share some tips and knowledge I have acquired along the way.  I will talk about Autism too; being a parent of a child with special needs is integral to everything I do.  I believe my experiences of Autism enhance my writing and I will tell you why in future posts.

As if I don’t have enough on my plate, earlier this year I also became owner of a black Labrador called Zorro. Walking him in the Milton Keynes countryside is a great stress reliever – training him is quite another story.  He may get a mention from time-to-time!

So this is me: Copywriter, parent and dog-owner.

Please feel free to comment and share your own experiences.



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