3 ways to cure writer’s block

Writer’s block has a tendency to hit at the worst times. A deadline will do it for me. It’s stressful when you need to write, and can’t. Here are my ideas to overcome it.

Walk the dog

walking labrador
“I want to go that way”

I’m not the first one to suggest this. But I’m going to be more honest about how it works. Not because you’ll get a great workout, pumping blood to the brain and unleashing waves of creativity. And forget admiring the beautiful scenery with your faithful friend.

Maybe it’s because my particular four-legged colleague is a Labrador, a silly breed. But half-an-hour ramble with him is enough to send me racing back to my desk.

Sniffing out food, taking chase after other canine pals, hiding in long grass, begging for treats. He’s ridiculous. It’s worse than being out with a toddler <shudder>. And don’t get me started on making small talk with strangers, while he sniffs their dog’s arse. Or worse. So do it. Take a walk with your dog. And you’ll soon realise. Anything has to be better than this.

(Disclaimer: my dog is the best dog in the world. I love him. But I stand by the above).

Do some colouring

colouring book
Remember to stay in the lines.

I know, I know. You’re thinking: “Grow up woman”. But bear with me on this one. First of all, it’s a great way to calm down an overactive mind. I swear that social media has speeded up my brain, and not in a good way. Just twenty minutes of colouring is enough to slow it right back down.

Creatively, it can generate ideas. Have a selection of books. Mine include stained glass windows, dragonflies, animals and flowers. Think about what you’re colouring in. For example, if you’re colouring a stained glass window, do a bit of research about them. Learn something new. Inspiration will follow.

I’ve never actually finished colouring a picture, but getting started on one is enough to get my brain looking at things from another angle. Before I know it, I’m ready to get back to writing. And I’ve also discovered a new interest in sketching; something I haven’t done since school.


I’ve written copy for holistic therapists and I may have been a teensy bit sceptical in the past. Until I felt burnt out myself. So I decided to give it a try. I have quite a low level

meditating woman.jpg
White dress is optional.

of patience, so I’ve only dabbled with 5 minute guided meditations to music and I’ve been pleasantly surprised.

Again, it’s something to clear the mind. In my case, it’s usually 1 minute meditation and 4 minutes nap.

Doesn’t sound much, but it makes a significant difference. I feel strangely refreshed, ready to open my mind to new possibilities. And next time I write for a therapist, I will have a new outlook on the subject matter.

Finally, don’t panic. If you’ve tried the above or you’re having one of those awful days where nothing feels right, then switch off for the day. You might just be too tired. Get on with some mundane jobs and if you’re really struggling, have a sleep. Or at least get an early night.

Remember: writer’s block is temporary and this too shall pass.

Until next time.


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