I am currently rewriting this page so some of the information is subject to change. Please revisit early February. In the meantime, why not read some of my blogs?


I prefer to charge on a per project basis. You know what you’re paying from the outset. No haggling over how long a project did take or should take; everybody’s happy.

As a guide, projects are priced at approximately £50 per hour, but this isn’t an exact science. I estimate research time, writing, resources and proofreading. Two sets of revisions are also factored in.

Terms & Conditions

When you make an enquiry, I’ll work out pricing and send you a a no-obligation quote. All quotes include research, first draft, 2 sets of revisions and a final proofread.

Once price has been agreed I will ask you to confirm by email the agreed brief (see below), price and deadline (or provide a purchase order).

A 50% deposit will be requested from new clients – as soon as that is paid, work will commence.  Final payment terms will be 14 days from date of invoice. Preferred payment method is by bank transfer. 

Unpaid invoices will receive a friendly reminder by email or letter.  Continued failure to pay will be pursued through a debt collection service.  


The brief is the first stage of a project.  It’s really important to obtain a clear brief from you to avoid misunderstandings and ensure that my work meets your expectations. My usual process is to send you a brief questionnaire to capture all the relevant information, though it’s highly likely I will ask further questions throughout the project.


All copy will be written and based on the details and information provided by you for the brief.  Upon payment of invoice, copyright will pass to you.

MK Word Studio does not accept responsibility for any issues arising from content produced by us.  

MK Word Studio will take every precaution to ensure content avoids errors, omissions, misrepresentations and other inaccuracies, however the final responsibility for published material belongs with you, the client. 

We hold Professional Indemnity Insurance with PolicyBee.

By doing business with us, you accept these Terms & Conditions.  

MK Word Studio is insured by PolicyBee



I'm a Freelance Copywriter, specialising in website copywriting and business blogs.

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