Root canal, root canal – where art thou?

My third year in business has got off to a busy start.

The kids are back at school, my new WordPress website is up-and-running and I’m finally getting the type of enquiries I want.

Only one thing stands in the way of my productivity.

And that’s a missing root canal.

I’m not kidding.

Following a nasty toothache in the summer holidays, I took the step of consulting a private dentist.

I did a lot of self-coaching during my break and one of things I promised myself was that I would treat myself a bit more. Upgrade my life.

I was thinking manicures, highlights and trips to fancy coffee shops.

But yet again, life got in the way of plans and a raging toothache led me to make the momentous decision that I would have private dental care. Go me.

So far, I’m happy. Really, really happy. It makes all the difference vising a relaxed environment where the dentist is willing to take his time.

Okay, so my hunched shoulders and stiff neck will probably need treating, after all the time I’ve spent glued motionless to the chair in terror. But that’s down to an anxiety issue in general. Not a particular fear of the dentist.

He does all he can to make me feel relaxed, under difficult circumstances (I don’t have time for sedation).

Everything out on display. Don’t you just love that?

He’s into flattery too. Or that’s what I thought. When he told me I had very fine, delicate root canals I lapped it up. Lovely words to describe my teeth. Fine, delicate …. “A bit like me,” I secretly thought to myself.

How was I to know he meant it? They really are fine and delicate. To the extent that they’re almost impossible to find. Two have been dealt with. The third is proving to be somewhat elusive.

It’s hiding.

Two 90 minute sessions in The Chair and we’re still looking. So next week we’re going for a third go at it. This is our final chance.

And if we can’t find it?

Luckily, this doesn’t mean bye-bye tooth. I have options! We can fill it and it could stay good for years. Or I can be referred to a specialist.

Given I’m dark side of 40, I’m hedging my bets and going with good for years. Did I mention that was the cheaper option too?

Either way, I’m just happy that I’m in good hands. I’m not sure exactly what my dentist does with all those teeny-tiny sharp instruments, but I’m pretty sure it’s something amazing.

Because I’m free of pain and ready to crack on with my third year as a Freelance Copywriter in Milton Keynes.


Alison is a Freelance Copywriter based in Milton Keynes. She specialises in web content and business blogging. For more information about Alison, click here.










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