Why I still haven’t set goals for 2018

If you haven’t set goals and resolutions for 2018 yet, don’t worry. You’re not alone.

And in my opinion, you’ve got it sussed.

Read on to find out why I too haven’t set them.

So today is national Ditch Your New Years Resolutions day.

Right now, ‘they’ are cancelling their gym memberships and giving up on diets in their droves.

And for those who were brave enough to set business goals and resolutions, the dark mornings and financial hangover are already working their magic, whispering “give up” into the ears of self-doubters who, in reality, just need a burst of sunshine and a decent meal inside them.

That last one resonates with me. And that’s why I don’t set new year’s resolutions and goals – because I know I won’t achieve them. Not between 1st and 14th January anyway.

When you think about it, why would anyone set goals at the hardest time of the year? It doesn’t make sense.

So my 2018 goals list has remained blank for now.

I’ve been focussing on getting straight after Christmas, keeping the kids’ spirits up (anyone else feel like Cruella de Vil when dragging kids out of bed on dark mornings?) and giving the coming business year some quiet contemplation.

And it’s worked for me.

We’re three weeks in and I don’t feel like a big fat failure. I just feel grateful that I’ve got through it, that spring’s on the way and that a new year of possibilities lies ahead.

Goal setting has been way down my list.

But not for much longer.

Apparently, there’s a full moon on 31st January and, although I’m not a serious moon lover, its associations with new beginnings suggest it’s a good time to start making plans for the year.

Please come and see me again in a few weeks so I can share them with you.

Alison x


I'm a Freelance Copywriter, specialising in website copywriting and business blogs.

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