About Alison

I know your time is important, so if you don’t want to hear me talk about myself, then feel free to take a short cut to my services page where you can find out more about what I can do for you.

Personally, I like to know who I’m working with before I part with my cash. If you’re with me on that one, carry on reading to find out more about me and why I became a copywriter.

My background …

Before taking time out of my career to have my family, I was a full-time Communications Specialist in a small Internal Comms team for a large bank.

My role mainly involved working as part of a team (I still miss them) to produce intranet content, employee communications and company publications. We also organised events and analysed employee opinion surveys.

I loved writing, but organising events? Not so much.

So I promised myself that when I  returned to the corporate world,  I would focus on writing and ditch the stuff I didn’t enjoy.

And then life threw me a curveball…

My plans to get back into the world of ‘real’ work were stopped in their tracks when it became apparent that my younger child was displaying autistic traits. 

This set off a whole chain of events that are probably suited to a different audience (let’s not go there now). But the outcome was that I decided my corporate days were over for good.

I had no choice but to carve out a different life.  When one door closes, another one opens. Everything I went through during that difficult period gave me the confidence to try out freelance life. To be honest, I had nothing to lose.

It was time to get my act together and start a new life

Anyone can say they’re a copywriter.

But I knew that my natural ability to write and experience in internal communications were not enough to offer a credible copywriting experience.

Here’s a list of formal training I’ve completed so far:

  • The Complete Copywriter (The Writers Bureau) which covered all the basic aspects of copywriting, setting up and marketing my business.
  • Breakthrough Copywriting (Andy Maslen Copywriting Academy) Andy Maslen is an industry leader. As well as completing his course, I have several of his excellent books and keep up with advice he generously gives to freelancers about knowing their value and constantly improving.
  • Inbound Marketing (Hubspot Academy)  Up-to-the-minute training on modern marketing principles (I will be doing more training courses with Hubspot in coming months).

Informally, I’m training every day. I’m big on continuing professional development, so I keep up-to-date with relevant books, blogs and podcasts. I’m also a member of the Professional Copywriters’ Network who provide guidance and support to copywriters who take the profession seriously. Here’s a link to my profile:


I will always take new courses, but the best training has taken place on real projects. Over the last 3 years I’ve worked on various projects in transport, higher education, holistic therapies, fitness, venues, accountancy, recruitment and technology.

The learning never stops. Every project throws new challenges at me and teaches me something new. I’m always striving to add to my knowledge, skills and processes, so I can add value to my business and yours.

Living the dream as a freelancer

My entry to freelance life was different to the stories you read about redundancy, mid-life crisis or taking a leap into the unknown. 

There’s no empire-building or talk of six figure salaries going on here. 

I’m the reliable type so I only take on a handful of projects at a time. Work with me and you’re guaranteed a high quality, personal service. All copy is written by me – I don’t outsource to other writers or content mills.

I’d rather talk about you

Thank you if you’ve made it this far. I’m going to stop talking about myself now. As a Freelance Copywriter, my focus is on you and how we can communicate your business story in words to your audience.

Get in touch via my Contacts Page and I’ll respond in 24 hours.

Alison R Bowyer


ps. Want to connect on LinkedIn? Please do.  https://uk.linkedin.com/in/alison-bowyer-506450b1  Please write me a line or two about yourself and your business.